Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 27

Short Film Review – BOB

Bob tells the story of a little hamster that tries to follow his true love around the globe. Can he catch up?

BOB from Jacob Frey on Vimeo.

The title suggests nothing spectacular, but the animation that follows exceeds all initial expectations.

The project, led by Harry Fast and Jacob Frey, …

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Oct 20

Syncing – The Film Composer’s Least Favourite Word


What is syncing?


Syncing is the often futile act of attempting to align appropriate music and sound effects with film visuals to near-perfect timing, such to accentuate the parallels between what is happening on-screen and what moods or events are communicated by the musical score.

It is the most difficult, tedious and …

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Oct 14

We are on Facebook and Twitter!

Hi guys, just a quick note to let everybody know that Lightmaster Studios now has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, also visible in the top corner of the site with the Youtube button.

It would be great if you could drop by and ‘follow’ us or ‘like’ us! Those …

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Oct 13

In the Money – The Biggest at the Box Office

Making movies is a massive industry. A reasonably successful movie can easily make more money than your entire family would spend over several generations. But what about those at the very top? What about those that are remembered for being the most successful movies at the box office? What is it that makes them so …

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Oct 10

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (10th Oct) – Platoon

The most famous Vietnam war film doesn’t contain the meatiest soundtrack of the bunch, but certainly one of the most effective, in that it doesn’t fall into one of the two war film traps; 1) using barely any music at all (an all too easy, not to mention clichéd style), and 2) relying on contemporary, …

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Oct 08

Behind the Blast – Part 5

The final stages of completing any animation are the most important, dictating how it is viewed in terms of speed, mood, and storytelling. This is why I spent so long making up the correct sequence from the shots I had. With very little experience of the sequencer in Blender, it was a test of finding …

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Oct 03

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (3rd Oct) – The Jungle Book

Shere Khan and Kaa

What do tigers, snakes, panthers, elephants and orang-utans have in common with trad jazz, bebop, Dixieland, merseybeat and barbershop quartets?

Nothing, apart from being fused together on-screen in this film, Disney’s 1967 masterpiece, The Jungle Book. As well as the orchestral incidental music (composed by good old George Bruns), the jazz and swing that heavily feature …

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Oct 01

Behind the Blast – Part 4

As expected, the explosion process was challenging, long-winded and required constant adjustments. It was all completed using particle systems and the explode modifier, after I abandoned the idea of using the game engine. The windows were to shatter first, being quickly followed by the rest of the building. The system was essentially made up of …

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