Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 27

Free Creativity #2: GIMP

For our second article in the Free Creativity series, we are going to analyse the aims, features and possibilities of GIMP, the open source GNU image editing software that is readily labelled “the free Photoshop”. Is it a worthy tool for the creative mind? Let’s find out.

Take a look …

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Apr 23

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (23 April) – Shine

The real David Helfgott

More a classical music compilation than a soundtrack, though some score is present, this selection focuses on the pieces Australian pianist David Helfgott performed at key points in his life. That is, his fictional life in the film Shine, anyway (though I would hope most of the music was chosen because the real Helfgott peformed …

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Apr 18

The Big Interactive Gig 2012 – A Lightmaster Studios Production

The LMS team was recently asked to handle to production, sound design, recording and filming of a huge public concert in Southern England, the Big Interactive Gig or ‘B.I.G.’ 2012. It’s been one of our biggest undertakings, but also one close to our hearts (I was a performer and the musical director of the show …

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Apr 16

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (16th April) – Identity

Still from Identity

Alan Silvestri, fairly well-known for his scores for things like the Back To The Future trilogy and Forest Gump, has his greatest work hidden away in cult treasures like Death Becomes Her, or this little gem that I recently discovered,¬†Identity. Many of the man’s scores are interesting, if formulaic, but this one really grips you …

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Apr 13

Free Creativity #1: Blender

Welcome to the first article in the Free Creativity series here at Lightmaster Studios. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be thoroughly reviewing and recommending the best free software available for all your creative needs. This includes digital art, animation, movie sequencing, image processing and audio editing. We kick off in fine style with popular …

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Apr 05

Free Creativity

It always seems to be that the leading professionals in any industry use the most expensive equipment and while you would expect this to be the case, it misleads many into thinking that they cannot be successful without first being rich. Professional tennis players, for example, will use the most expensive (and therefore highest quality) …

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