Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 30

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (30th July) – Live & Let Die

The eccentric characters in Live & Let Die

Okay, here’s my reasoning behind this week’s FSotW…. Live & Let Die is a James Bond movie, with the score composed not by John Barry, but by none other than the legendary Beatles’ producer, George Martin. Its music was thus included in an entire Bond soundtrack “re-imagining” on an album called Shaken And Stirred, featuring several …

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Jul 26

5 Attributes That Make a Great Director

The word ‘director’ has many different meanings. Primarily these are: head of management, someone who runs a company, a filmmaker or a musical conductor. Though these roles are essentially very different, here is where we see a crossover between creativity and business. In most cases, a good company director could be a good filmmaker and …

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Jul 24

Shows That Should Have A Movie

We all know those shows that we’d love to see as movies.  Whether it’s because they’ve pushed it as far as it can go and a movie would give it a nice conclusion. Maybe it’s just because it’s mid season and a movie would give it more presence or just because the show has …

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Jul 23

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (23rd July) – Hairspray


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Hairspray is a good musical with good songs. The less said about the plot, the better, but as a conscious flow of pseudo-Sixties pop songs, the film really hits the nail on the head. It’s interesting to note that this, the 2007 Hairspray movie, was adapted from a …

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Jul 20

Movie Review: Ice Age 4

Ice Age; you’d think by now there wasn’t that much to play off of. The fourth in the series of heart warming tales has made itself a lovely welcome into the box office. Naturally there was a bit of speculation whether the brand of Ice Age had just lost it’s appeal or whether it was …

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Jul 16

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (16th July) – Adaptation

Charlie Kaufman and his twin brother Donald, both played by Nicholas Cage

Charlie Kaufman’s sophomore effort was the confusing yet masterful meta-movie Adaptation, released in 2002. Nic Cage plays Kaufman himself, a troubled screenwriter whose futile attempts to adapt the book The Orchid Thief into a Hollywood movie result in him changing the screenplay so that the film is actually about the difficulties of writing the screenplay. …

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Jul 11

Animation Spotlight: The Ballad of the M4 Carbine by Andrew Price

This is one which I should have shared with you ages ago, but I’ve only just got round to it! This superb short animation was made in Blender by Andrew Price, now one of the leading Blender Educators.


I must admit, this is a personal favourite of mine, definitely inspiring me to create …

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Jul 05

Live Music Videos from the Big Interactive Gig

As a special treat, we are uploading a small selection of live songs which were filmed, recorded and edited by Lightmaster Studios and were included in the 2 hour concert DVD.

We start with a superb cover of Jessie J’s Price Tag, shown below. The performers are credited in the YouTube description, which can be …

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Jul 02

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (2nd July) – Sin City

The Yellow Bastard

Sin City is a movie that you really can call “unique”. It is Robert Rodriguez’s neo-noir/thriller/sci-fi/horror/black comedy based on a series of violent, stylised comic books by Frank Miller, shot in high-contrast black and white with flashes of colour, such that it feels like you are “watching” a comic …

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