Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 27

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (27th Aug) – Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour's hideous album cover

Of course it counts as a film! A terrible film, perhaps, with not so much as a hint of what one might call a “story arc”, but who really cares when The Beatles start breaking into song?? The genius songwriting is often overlooked on this garish, psychedelic mess of a project. A few of the …

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Aug 24

Skyfall Update

After making a dramatic entrance with ‘The Queen’ at London’s recent Olympic Opening Ceremony, Daniel Craig will soon burst into our cinema screens bringing with him the usual action, suspicion and drama that goes with every James Bond movie. This new Bond adventure, Daniel Craig’s third, is called ‘Skyfall’, and is set to be …

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Aug 18

The Bourne Legacy Proves Worthy Of Franchise Name

Matt Damon Has Nothing On Aaron Cross

Who is Aaron Cross? He is the lead character played by Jeremy Renner who raked in close to $40 million dollars this weekend! For the first time in three weeks, Batman is no longer sitting on top of the charts. Although this movie had tons of hype …

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Aug 16

Free Creativity #5: VirtualDub

For our fifth article in the Free Creativity series, we’ll be looking at VirtualDub, another open source video editing tool. This can be used alongside the four free tools that we have already looked at (Blender, Gimp, Audacity and DVD Flick) in your video projects. This …

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Aug 13

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (13th Aug) – The Wall

Pink wasn't worried that his Nazi rally looked like a Kraftwerk concert

Reviewing the soundtrack to a film that is itself based on a rock opera essentially means reviewing the original album, although there are differences between Pink Floyd’s 1979 The Wall double LP and their soundtrack to the 1982 film of the same, mainly in terms of arrangements (a few new songs, too). It certainly is …

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Aug 08

Top Five Movies That Fit Every And All Generations

The Problem With Generations

How many times has someone older asked someone younger about their favorite movie, and the reply was, “I have never heard of it before!” Think about music for example. How many songs today, are simply recycled tracks of decades ago? Time has a way to make people forget, however movies and …

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Aug 06

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (6th Aug) – The Dark Knight Rises

Bane making a speech with his "Ian McKellen after 50 cigarettes" voice

Now that I’ve been to see The Dark Knight Rises, probably the most globally anticipated film since…. well….. The Dark Knight, I can safely say that it lived up to expectations in many areas, music being one of them. When it comes to Hans Zimmer, my expectations are never sky high anyway. He is one …

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Aug 03

Same Difference

We all love romance; it’s genre that is loved by all cultures, genders and backgrounds. We are all “suckers” for a good love story. Many a big production company use that thirst for love, that thirst for escapism into the world of lovers, but there’s only so many stories you can tell. Movie companies have …

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Aug 01

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – Review

Bane From Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Batman:The Dark Knight Rises Into Controversy And Box Office Gold

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. This movie had very high expectations and a lot to live up to as well. The second movie in the trilogy made over $1 billion dollars alone! Warner …

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