At Lightmaster Studios, we have two main commitments. Firstly, we focus on our film, music, animation and video productions, striving to release new and unique creative works as often as possible. Secondly, we intend to educate anyone and everyone on how they can get involved in filmmaking; passing on skills and experience as well as giving our readers an insight into all of our projects. The same goes with anyone interested in getting involved with music, animation, art or video editing.

As well as details of all our projects, you will also find our blog archive on this site. While we no longer run an active film blog, all previous articles are available to see, under their respective categories.

We have worked hard to enhance your experience with us, such that you can stay up to date by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or sharing any of our posts and pages on numerous other social networks without leaving the site. You can check out our individual works on the portfolio pages and view our all our video productions on the Official YouTube Channel.

Lightmaster Studios is run by:

Mark WellsMark Wells

Digital artist, animator, director and writer.




During the performanceMatt Hall

Working composer, musician, writer.





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