Jan 09

Free eBook Download – Camera Shot Guide

Click here to download the Camera Shot Guide

(Right click and select save target as to download)

This free eBook contains the names, descriptions and examples of the most common shots used in movies and television productions. It is ideal for the aspiring filmmaker or director, including both quick reference examples and more detailed descriptions.
  • Free to download, print and share*
  • Includes a quick reference page ideal for printing and displaying
  • Includes an example and description for each shot
  • Includes a cartoon storyboard example for selected shots
  • Designed to be easy to read, understand and refer to
  • All image examples created by Lightmaster Studios
  • Available in standard PDF format

*This guide may be downloaded for free, printed for free and shared online and in printed form for free. Lightmaster Studios does not give permission for this document to be modified, copied, distributed for commercial gain or used for commercial purposes.

View the document on Scribd. here.


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