Dec 22

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (22nd Dec) – Amadeus

Mozart Facepalm

Still from Amadeus

This week’s FSotW is less of a tribute to a soundtrack than a general tribute to the music of the most acclaimed classical composer in the history of everything; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The 1984 movie based on his life received eight Oscars, and to this day people still quote it’s famous line, “Too many notes”. The score is almost entirely made up of Mozart’s music, rightfully, although this meant that it wasn’t eligible for the Academy Award for Best Original Score. It is anyway a rich and comprehensive collection of music that highlights the best of the man’s career.

Because of the content of the film, there is more of a focus on Mozart’s operas than his symphonies. And the only large-scale work presented in it’s entirety is the Requiem Mass in D Minor, the piece Mozart didn’t ever finish before he died, which plays an important role in the plot of Amadeus. Listen to it all the way through if you want to know what death sounds like.

Piano concertos are ignored somewhat, although the famous  No. 22 is there. Movements from The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni represent the best of the opera music heard in the film. All in all, this makes for an ideal introductory Mozart collection, although my personal favourite work of his is not included, being the Jupiter Symphony.

That’s it. People love this music, and for all it’s pros and cons, you cannot deny that Mozart is one of the most accessible and melodic classical composers that ever lived. That will always be the case, and Amadeus will always be a popular film, whether half of it was made up or not.

Go listen!


Mozart conducts an opera

Tom Hulce as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




  1. Opera Tickets

    The last film soundtrack i really fell in love with was Inception. I don’t think anything would beat that ubtil the new batman movie comes out next year.

  2. Matt Hall
    Matt Hall

    For me, Nolan handles the music in his movies with surprisingly less care than the other aspects. Of course, the exceptions are the Zimmer-scored Batman films!

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