Mar 08

Monsters University Movie Preview

An amazing twelve years after we first saw Pixar’s Monster Inc., the prequel is set to hit our screens this summer. We know Mike and Sully will return as their younger selves in this movie, but what else can we expect to see? We did some digging to find out…

The Storyline

monsters universityNaturally, the movie has not yet been released, but the concept behind the story of this movie seems fairly straightforward. It takes a backward step in time compared to Monsters Inc., looking at the relationship between Mike and Sully in their university days. Believed to be called the ‘University of Fear’, this is where Mike and Sully got to know each other, and also got to sort out their differences…

The Expectation

Even by Pixar’s high standards, Monsters Inc. was a massive hit with all audiences. Great animation and a great family film. It is hoped that Monsters University will be the same; providing great entertainment and great comedy with two very popular animated characters. Bringing these characters to life is the excellent John Goodman and Billy Crystal; fans will be pleased to hear that these two have been retained. No doubt also that Pixar will have been as creative as ever in bringing Monsters University to life, with the poster and trailer indicating at some stunning new scenes and intriguing characters.

The Trailer

The latest Monsters University official trailer:

The trailer indicates at a rivalry between Mike and Sully, as they compete to be the best scarer at the university. It also introduces a lot of characters which were not in the first movie and it will be interesting to see how big a part they play in this story. It also appears that Pixar have ensured they include plenty of comedy moments; again pleasing to see that it looks to follow the trend set by Monsters Inc. back in 2001.

The Release Date

For most countries including the USA, Monsters University will be in the cinema by the end of June (either 20th or 21st of June). However the UK, along with a handful of other countries, has to wait a little bit longer. According to IMDb, it is due out in the UK on the 12th July, but doesn’t reach countries such as Italy or Denmark until August. This is a very broad range of dates and so it seems that it very much depends which country you live in as to whether you will see it before or after your international friends. There is unlikely to be a dramatic twist to note in this movie, but if it isn’t released until July or later in your country and you really don’t want to know what happens, you’ll have to quickly skip over it on most movie websites!


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