May 25

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Movie Poster: The World’s End

The World’s End

Hitting cinemas next month is the latest installment from the Wright/Pegg/Frost team behind Sean Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, bombastically titled The World’s End. The movie’s recently released trailer sets up the premise of a group of friends attempting a lengthy pub crawl that soon turns into an apocalyptic, alien-infested, action-packed God know’s what. With Martin Freeman also starring (and a cameo from Mark Heap) it will hopefully be one of the funniest British comedies we’ve seen in a long time….. since Hot Fuzz, in fact. FILM JUICE

Praise for Levitt’s directorial debut

Creative minds from Byron and Kierkegaard to Mozart and Strauss have interpreted the classic story of the womanising Don Juan, so it was brave of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to attempt a modern version of the story (titled Don Jon, the twist being that the titular character is addicted to pornography). But since its festival premiere in January, the film has gradually been gathering momentum and acclaim from all sides. Julianne Moore is in it and it will be released this October. METRO

Bond in the hands of Nolan??

It has been rumoured for some time now that Christopher Nolan (the Batmans, Inception, et al) is interested in taking the James Bond franchise out of Sam Mendes’ hands by directing Skyfall’s follow-up. Now, Nolan has been “approached”, Mendes has “confirmed” that he won’t be involved and lots of “informal talks” are occurring. It almost doesn’t qualify as news but, once it does, we can be certain that MI6 is yet to see its finest hour. NME

Behind TheĀ Candelabra

michael douglas

What a difference 19 years makes for Michael Douglas, soon to star as Liberace…

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star in the Liberace biopic, with Douglas as the flamboyant pianist and Damon as his much younger lover (it could only be that way round, really). The film has generated as much interest as the real Liberace’s exploits, partly because of the stars attached, including Dan Ackroyd and Rob Lowe, and also because it will be director Stephen Soderbergh’s final film. The Oceans Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen director will be retiring from the film industry later this year. INSIDE MOVIES




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