Jun 08

This Week’s Film News

LMS brings you the biggest movie industry news from the past week, in brief.

Now You See Me

Appearing in theatres next month, from Louis Leterrier, Now You See Me will star Jesse Eisenberg as part of a team of illusionists who commit crimes (including a massive bank robbery) as part of their act, handing out the resultant swag to their audiences. Perhaps with nowhere to go since the Batman franchise came to an end, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman pair up as detectives on the magicians’ case. IMDB


Catwoman: forgotten?

Whedon Wants A Heroine Or Two

Joss Whedon, the man behind the ridiculously profitable Avengers, has already revealed that its sequel will contain a new herione, The Scarlet Witch, but is keen to see more women leading superhero movies. He obviously hasn’t seen Catwoman. TOTAL FILM

Hilary Clinton Biopic

America’s most-loved female politician is going to have her story told next year, with the up and coming Carey Mulligan potentially filling her shoes. The film will be directed by James Ponsoldt and will follow young lawyer Hilary Rodham Clinton on the committee overseeing Richard Nixon’s impeachment, all the while trying to keep her professional career separate from her romance with future President Bill….. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

X-Men Will Return

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman’s reaction after seeing that every screen at the cinema is showing a superhero movie…

Clearly, either the majority of moviegoers aren’t sick of superhero films yet or Hollywood are officially only dealing with established, billion-dollar brands. X-Men, Days Of Future Past (nothing to do with the Moody Blues Album) is hitting screens in 2014 and will contain such stars as Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters, Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page….. the list is endless! EMPIRE

The Little Prince

Proving that traditional animation methods still exist and work just fine, The Little Prince is the latest adaptation of the best-selling children’s book, sure to entertain any youngsters that love adventure, outer-space and kids outwitting adults. A rather amazing cast has formed around the project, including Jeff Bridges, James Franco and Rachel McAdams. EMPIRE

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