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Jun 17

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (17th June) – Misery

Second only to The Shining in the canon of Stephen King film adaptations, Misery tells the story of a writer who is rescued from a car crash by his “number one fan”, a psychotic nurse who then holds him prisoner until he writes a new ending for one of his books. Aside from some ankle and …

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Jun 03

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (3rd June) – The King’s Speech

"Not bad Lionel.... could do with a bit more bass on the left channel."

The King’s Speech is not nearly as dull a film as its premise might suggest. Aside from being a uniquely-made historical take on the events of George VI’s life, it is also a simple and powerful drama that gets into the skin of its the main character, his highness. The music is very, very well-equipped to …

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May 30

5 Movies to look out for in June 2013

I’ll start by saying that some of you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on the LMS front over recent weeks and while we apologise for this, it has been due to necessary, unavoidable commitments. Have no fear however, because throughout the summer months, this film blog will be as busy …

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May 20

Matt’s Film Soundtrack Of The Week (20th May) – Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York is made of the stuff that even film bloggers don’t understand (including us). It is a decidedly ‘multiple viewings needed’ film about a playwright, Caden Cotard, injecting his existential fears about death and loneliness into an increasingly large-scale autobiographical play, within which the same character puts on the same play, within which……

This …

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May 09

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Movie Review

The first part of the prequel to the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy was released in December 2012, with the other two parts supposedly due in consecutive years. The Hobbit trilogy is based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien and though it is a separate story in itself, it is effectively the build …

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May 06

Matt’s Film Soundtrack Of The Week (6th May) – Goldfinger

With many people claiming that Skyfall is “the best James Bond film since Goldfinger“, I thought I’d revisit the Sean Connery classic this week and examine its musical merits. There are plenty.

With Goldfinger, the third in the series, John Barry, king of the Bond score, gave us not only the best song but the best (and …

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May 02

10 Ways to Finish a Project

The project could have taken a few days or a few years, but if it’s something subjectively creative like art, video or music, you’re always left wondering whether or not it is actually finished and ready to be published. …Perhaps this section doesn’t sound quite as you would like it to. Maybe the …

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Apr 25

RED Movie Review

Bruce Willis returns for something that isn’t Die Hard, in this 2010 action movie: ‘RED’. He’s joined by a star-studded cast including Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban and Dame Helen Mirren, amongst many others. It’s set up to be a crime and action thriller, but how did it fair when it …

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Apr 22

Matt’s Film Soundtrack Of The Week (22nd April) – Doubt

Streep and Hoffman begin their battle

Howard Shore is not my favourite film composer thanks to his occasionally committing the John Williams crime of noodling around in a particularly “pleasant” soundworld and not delivering any substance or development. I know that film music isn’t the same as concert music but, if you’re capable of doing interesting things, whatever the context, you …

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Apr 19

Three Book to Film Adaptations to Catch this Year

Gone are the years of Harry Potter dominating the global box office as the top grossing movie adaptation of the world’s best selling novels written by the British author J.K Rowling. The Twilight Saga by American author Stephenie Meyer came to an end after “Breaking Dawn Part II,” its final instalment, hit the silver screen …

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