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May 02

10 Ways to Finish a Project

The project could have taken a few days or a few years, but if it’s something subjectively creative like art, video or music, you’re always left wondering whether or not it is actually finished and ready to be published. …Perhaps this section doesn’t sound quite as you would like it to. Maybe the …

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Apr 14

The Filmmaking Process

When it comes to making movies, having a plan is vital. Perhaps even more important than having a plan is having a workflow, a series of steps you will take to produce your film from beginning to end. Our role as a filmmaking blog is not necessarily telling you exactly …

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Feb 15

The Importance of Planning in Filmmaking


It’s tempting, but when it comes to getting creative, many of us make the first mistake before we’ve even started. The problem lies with the  ‘Eureka’ moment, the flickering of the light bulb, the flash of inspiration. Ideas that allow us to be creative do not come to us all day every day. …

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Apr 18

The Big Interactive Gig 2012 – A Lightmaster Studios Production

The LMS team was recently asked to handle to production, sound design, recording and filming of a huge public concert in Southern England, the Big Interactive Gig or ‘B.I.G.’ 2012. It’s been one of our biggest undertakings, but also one close to our hearts (I was a performer and the musical director of the show …

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