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Aug 16

Free Creativity #5: VirtualDub

For our fifth article in the Free Creativity series, we’ll be looking at VirtualDub, another open source video editing tool. This can be used alongside the four free tools that we have already looked at (Blender, Gimp, Audacity and DVD Flick) in your video projects. This …

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Jun 21

Free Creativity #4: DVD Flick

Welcome to the fourth addition to the Lightmaster Studios Free Creativity Series. Once you’ve produced your masterpiece in Blender, Gimp and Audacity, you may want to create a DVD to distribute your work, and watch back any videos or movies on any DVD player. With DVD Flick, you can do this for …

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May 11

Free Creativity #3: Audacity

For our next article in the Free Creativity series we’re taking a look at one of the most widely used yet scarcely talked about programs in the open source environment, the free audio editing suite, Audacity.

Yes, they have a website!  And its simple-yet-friendly look is exactly what …

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Apr 27

Free Creativity #2: GIMP

For our second article in the Free Creativity series, we are going to analyse the aims, features and possibilities of GIMP, the open source GNU image editing software that is readily labelled “the free Photoshop”. Is it a worthy tool for the creative mind? Let’s find out.

Take a look …

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Apr 13

Free Creativity #1: Blender

Welcome to the first article in the Free Creativity series here at Lightmaster Studios. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be thoroughly reviewing and recommending the best free software available for all your creative needs. This includes digital art, animation, movie sequencing, image processing and audio editing. We kick off in fine style with popular …

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Apr 05

Free Creativity

It always seems to be that the leading professionals in any industry use the most expensive equipment and while you would expect this to be the case, it misleads many into thinking that they cannot be successful without first being rich. Professional tennis players, for example, will use the most expensive (and therefore highest quality) …

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