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Jul 05

Live Music Videos from the Big Interactive Gig

As a special treat, we are uploading a small selection of live songs which were filmed, recorded and edited by Lightmaster Studios and were included in the 2 hour concert DVD.

We start with a superb cover of Jessie J’s Price Tag, shown below. The performers are credited in the YouTube description, which can be …

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Jun 16

The Big Interactive Gig Product Gallery

Lightmaster Studios designed and produced a DVD and CD for the Big Interactive Gig, filmed and performed on Thursday 29th March 2012. The final products created by Lightmaster Studios for the concert were recently distributed and are shown photographed below.

CD cover art by Chris …

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Jun 14

From Concept to Product – Making the B.I.G. DVD: Part 3

With the longest, largest and most involved stage of producing the Big Interactive Gig DVD completed by the output of a final cut for both the first and second halves, the process was reaching it’s climax and the final touches and the making of the physical DVDs remained. This is the final part of our …

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Jun 07

From Concept to Product – Making the B.I.G. DVD: Part 2

Organisation, synchronisation and transformation: With the footage safely held on many memory cards, it was now time to carefully transfer it to my computer, so I could begin the editing process…


Being faced with such a large task of preparing over 12 hours of footage from 6 different camera angles to something that could …

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May 31

From Concept to Product – Making the B.I.G. DVD: Part 1

The concept of producing a DVD is relatively straightforward. Capture the event or shoot the movie, cut the shots, add the soundtrack and burn it to disc. If only it were that simple. Though they are generally the main stages of DVD production, each stage contains hundreds of smaller tasks and thousands of hurdles to …

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May 17

How do you make a memorable music concert? – Planning the B.I.G.

B.I.G. 2012 Song Chart

Putting on a show requires a great deal of organisation. Putting on a show with the word ‘big’ in its title requires considerably more organisation than I’d first bargained for. Not that the end result wasn’t worth it. My producer (shout out to Chris!) first came up with the title The Big Interactive Gig 2012 …

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Apr 18

The Big Interactive Gig 2012 – A Lightmaster Studios Production

The LMS team was recently asked to handle to production, sound design, recording and filming of a huge public concert in Southern England, the Big Interactive Gig or ‘B.I.G.’ 2012. It’s been one of our biggest undertakings, but also one close to our hearts (I was a performer and the musical director of the show …

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Sep 07

Expired – Animated Short Film

Frame from Expired

We are very excited to release our latest production, Expired.

Made entirely be me in Blender, with music provided by Matt.

Watch the short on YouTube below, or watch on vimeo using the link underneath.

Recommended to view in full screen! HD 720p available!

Vimeo: Expired – Animated Short Film

Watch out for …

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