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Feb 11

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (11th Feb) – Memento

In short, I’d say this is an underrated score. Julyan caresses his synthesizers with a soft ¬†touch, yet what oozes out of them is music that sounds truly disturbed by its own lack of detail. It has all the dark fuzziness of our brain damaged friend. And I think that’s a remarkable achievement, especially considering …

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Sep 10

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (10th Sep) – The Prestige

Michael Caine et al in The Prestige

Occasionally I come across a score that I really like but that most critics have panned. The Prestige was one of Chris Nolan’s pre-Batman films, but I suppose it marked the turning point in the director’s career where he started to get good funding and steady box office returns in addition to his continuous critical …

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Aug 06

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (6th Aug) – The Dark Knight Rises

Bane making a speech with his "Ian McKellen after 50 cigarettes" voice

Now that I’ve been to see The Dark Knight Rises, probably the most globally anticipated film since…. well….. The Dark Knight, I can safely say that it lived up to expectations in many areas, music being one of them. When it comes to Hans Zimmer, my expectations are never sky high anyway. He is one …

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Aug 01

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – Review

Bane From Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Batman:The Dark Knight Rises Into Controversy And Box Office Gold

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. This movie had very high expectations and a lot to live up to as well. The second movie in the trilogy made over $1 billion dollars alone! Warner …

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