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Jun 03

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (3rd June) – The King’s Speech

"Not bad Lionel.... could do with a bit more bass on the left channel."

The King’s Speech is not nearly as dull a film as its premise might suggest. Aside from being a uniquely-made historical take on the events of George VI’s life, it is also a simple and powerful drama that gets into the skin of its the main character, his highness. The music is very, very well-equipped to …

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May 20

Matt’s Film Soundtrack Of The Week (20th May) – Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York is made of the stuff that even film bloggers don’t understand (including us). It is a decidedly ‘multiple viewings needed’ film about a playwright, Caden Cotard, injecting his existential fears about death and loneliness into an increasingly large-scale autobiographical play, within which the same character puts on the same play, within which……

This …

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Apr 22

Matt’s Film Soundtrack Of The Week (22nd April) – Doubt

Streep and Hoffman begin their battle

Howard Shore is not my favourite film composer thanks to his occasionally committing the John Williams crime of noodling around in a particularly “pleasant” soundworld and not delivering any substance or development. I know that film music isn’t the same as concert music but, if you’re capable of doing interesting things, whatever the context, you …

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Apr 02

Green Zone Movie Review

The return to screen of the original Bourne actor-director pairing left many people with high hopes when Green Zone was released in 2010. For some people it would have lived up to expectations, perhaps even exceeded them. Others, as shown by other film blog reviews, will have been left disappointed by some of the …

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Mar 04

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (4th March) – Schindler’s List

Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s affinity with family and adventure movies, a lot of John Williams’ scores are remembered for their bold, joyous melodies, magical glissandos and fat brassy statements that speak of worlds better than this one. In Schindler’s List, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, not only does the movie deal …

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Jun 04

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (4th June) – Magnolia

A montage of some of Magnolia's characters

Magnolia is a beautiful film from Paul Thomas Anderson, telling the interweaving stories of roughly twelve main characters over the course of a single day in San Fernando. Aside from an ensemble cast to die for, a ridiculously good screenplay and some fine camera work, the movie boasts an eclectic soundtrack that uses popular …

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May 14

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (14th May) – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The evil Nurse Ratched

This is one of my favourite soundtracks for one of my favourite films. Jack Nitzsche, famous for his rock orchestrations and for being Phil Spector’s sideman, is under-appreciated in the film score realm. On Cuckoo’s Nest he stirs up some wonderful, manic, hypnotic, fun, nostalgic and crazy sounds that could not form a more perfect …

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Nov 21

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (21st Nov) – The Shawshank Redemption

Andy Dufresne

I need not say this; The Shawshank Redemption is a good film. But what about the music? Nobody ever talks about the music score that adorns the top-rated movie on IMDB. I don’t think the neglect is fair and for that reason, Shawshank will be my film soundtrack of the week this week.

Thomas Newman …

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