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May 02

10 Ways to Finish a Project

The project could have taken a few days or a few years, but if it’s something subjectively creative like art, video or music, you’re always left wondering whether or not it is actually finished and ready to be published. …Perhaps this section doesn’t sound quite as you would like it to. Maybe the …

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Apr 14

The Filmmaking Process

When it comes to making movies, having a plan is vital. Perhaps even more important than having a plan is having a workflow, a series of steps you will take to produce your film from beginning to end. Our role as a filmmaking blog is not necessarily telling you exactly …

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Feb 15

The Importance of Planning in Filmmaking


It’s tempting, but when it comes to getting creative, many of us make the first mistake before we’ve even started. The problem lies with the  ‘Eureka’ moment, the flickering of the light bulb, the flash of inspiration. Ideas that allow us to be creative do not come to us all day every day. …

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Sep 19

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Having completed the 8th and final film in the Harry Potter series, Warner Bros. decided to open their doors at Leavesden Studios to showcase the ‘behind the scenes’ action from the Harry Potter films. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the actual sets used in the largest and most popular film franchise of …

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Sep 14

Top 5: What do I look for in a good film?

Bruce Willis - Proper Action

Whether it is a homemade short, amateur animation or box office smash, I reveal to you the top 5 qualities that I look for in every film.

1. A meaningful storyline

A film without one of these is like a cheese sandwich without any cheese. Even if the acting and entertainment is filling, there is still …

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Jul 26

5 Attributes That Make a Great Director

The word ‘director’ has many different meanings. Primarily these are: head of management, someone who runs a company, a filmmaker or a musical conductor. Though these roles are essentially very different, here is where we see a crossover between creativity and business. In most cases, a good company director could be a good filmmaker and …

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Jul 24

Shows That Should Have A Movie

We all know those shows that we’d love to see as movies.  Whether it’s because they’ve pushed it as far as it can go and a movie would give it a nice conclusion. Maybe it’s just because it’s mid season and a movie would give it more presence or just because the show has …

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Jul 05

Live Music Videos from the Big Interactive Gig

As a special treat, we are uploading a small selection of live songs which were filmed, recorded and edited by Lightmaster Studios and were included in the 2 hour concert DVD.

We start with a superb cover of Jessie J’s Price Tag, shown below. The performers are credited in the YouTube description, which can be …

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Jun 16

The Big Interactive Gig Product Gallery

Lightmaster Studios designed and produced a DVD and CD for the Big Interactive Gig, filmed and performed on Thursday 29th March 2012. The final products created by Lightmaster Studios for the concert were recently distributed and are shown photographed below.

CD cover art by Chris …

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Jun 14

From Concept to Product – Making the B.I.G. DVD: Part 3

With the longest, largest and most involved stage of producing the Big Interactive Gig DVD completed by the output of a final cut for both the first and second halves, the process was reaching it’s climax and the final touches and the making of the physical DVDs remained. This is the final part of our …

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