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Feb 25

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (25th Feb) – Sleeper

Woody Allen’s love of jazz is one of many things that made his seventies comedies so endearing. Sleeper, in particular, makes use of the style of music to get its message across, however silly. How many other films set in 2173 are there that have a score based around ragtime, trad jazz and swing?

None …

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Sep 17

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (17th Sep) – Manhattan

More Woody Allen from me this week. Manhattan was the artier, deeper, snobbier follow-up to his acclaimed Annie Hall, with a more complex plot but still one that revolved around a sexually-driven, neurotic New York screenwriter (played by Allen, again) and his relationship with a creative free-thinker (played by Diane Keaton, again). He just threw …

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Oct 03

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (3rd Oct) – The Jungle Book

Shere Khan and Kaa

What do tigers, snakes, panthers, elephants and orang-utans have in common with trad jazz, bebop, Dixieland, merseybeat and barbershop quartets?

Nothing, apart from being fused together on-screen in this film, Disney’s 1967 masterpiece, The Jungle Book. As well as the orchestral incidental music (composed by good old George Bruns), the jazz and swing that heavily feature …

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