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Mar 28

Publishing Your Short Film #2

film shortage submission form

In Part 1, you saw how best to prepare your short film for release, how to ensure you had everything you needed for promotion and how to make the best out of uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. In this second and final part, we will show you a variety of sites where you …

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Mar 27

Publishing Your Short Film #1

The time has come. It’s been months in the making, but your short film is now finished and ready for the world to see. You’re satisfied with the final edit, happy with the quality and confident that all responses will be positive. All that remains is to invite the world to your house, fire …

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Feb 05

Tears of Steel – Blender Open Movie

About the Movie

In September 2012, the Blender Foundation released their fourth open movie entitled Tears of Steel. Otherwise known as Project Mango, this open movie had the technical purpose of developing visual effects and realistic rendering in Blender. Made at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, Tears of Steel was a very different project …

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Jan 07

Short Spotlight: The Voyagers

Lyrical, meditative documentary on the immensity of the universe and the persistent human spirit to experience it to the utmost.


Very well constructed and amazing to watch.



Oct 08

Behind the Blast – Part 5

The final stages of completing any animation are the most important, dictating how it is viewed in terms of speed, mood, and storytelling. This is why I spent so long making up the correct sequence from the shots I had. With very little experience of the sequencer in Blender, it was a test of finding …

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Oct 01

Behind the Blast – Part 4

As expected, the explosion process was challenging, long-winded and required constant adjustments. It was all completed using particle systems and the explode modifier, after I abandoned the idea of using the game engine. The windows were to shatter first, being quickly followed by the rest of the building. The system was essentially made up of …

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Sep 24

Behind the Blast – Part 3

With the scene now complete, it was nearly time to move on to ‘stage 2’ and begin taking shots. A word of advice: it is VERY important to make sure that you are entirely happy with your scene BEFORE beginning ‘filming’.

For example, if I had decided a few weeks later that I actually wanted …

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Sep 17

Behind the Blast – Part 2

The rest of the scene, as you can see from the animation, was fairly simple, but took a surprisingly long time to complete.

This was mainly because I did not really know where I wanted the building to be, and this problem was magnified by the fact that due to the nature of …

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Sep 13

Great, Obscure Shorts

There’s a guy that reviews all sorts of films on his blog, including shorts showcased at festivals and the like (maybe he’ll come across one of Mark’s one day!).

It’s pretty interesting stuff.


Sep 10

Behind the Blast – Part 1

Frame From Expired

Welcome to ‘Behind the Blast’, a 5 part series showing you the making of my short film, ‘Expired’.

It is with mixed emotions that I de-clutter my desktop of everything no longer needed for my now finished project. A fulfilling, satisfied bubble inside me is punctured by doubts cast over my final work. Once again, …

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