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Jun 03

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (3rd June) – The King’s Speech

"Not bad Lionel.... could do with a bit more bass on the left channel."

The King’s Speech is not nearly as dull a film as its premise might suggest. Aside from being a uniquely-made historical take on the events of George VI’s life, it is also a simple and powerful drama that gets into the skin of its the main character, his highness. The music is very, very well-equipped to …

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Apr 02

Green Zone Movie Review

The return to screen of the original Bourne actor-director pairing left many people with high hopes when Green Zone was released in 2010. For some people it would have lived up to expectations, perhaps even exceeded them. Others, as shown by other film blog reviews, will have been left disappointed by some of the …

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Jan 21

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (21st Jan) – Das Boot

Known for its extreme subject matter, length and budget, Das Boot was one of the key second world war films to have its narrative told from a German perspective. The epic story of the crew of a large U-boat plunging to uncertain depths in the Atlantic Ocean is accentuated by a chilling, brooding soundtrack of …

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Dec 31

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (31st Dec) – Casablanca

Sam plays the piano

Casablanca. That classic love story between a grumpy expat and a woman who thought her husband was dead. Why do they show it every Christmas? It takes place in the middle of an African summer, not to mention the middle of World War II. Anyway, during this year’s viewing you may …

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Dec 26

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (26th Dec) – The Great Escape/Chicken Run

A double feature this week, although I’m keeping it short because it’s Christmas and I’ve got better things to do. The Great Escape is, of course, a classic war film with an even more classic score, while Nick Park’s loose pastiche Chicken Run, contains all of the same elements; escapism, Britishness, humour, cliché military music, …

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Oct 10

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (10th Oct) – Platoon

The most famous Vietnam war film doesn’t contain the meatiest soundtrack of the bunch, but certainly one of the most effective, in that it doesn’t fall into one of the two war film traps; 1) using barely any music at all (an all too easy, not to mention clichéd style), and 2) relying on contemporary, …

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