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Apr 27

This Week’s Film News

LMS brings you the biggest movie industry news from the past week, in brief.

Guys & Dolls Remake?

Fox are looking into rebooting the hit musical with its Sinatra/Brano duo replaced by the much more alive Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Nothing is set in stone but, in an era when the centuries-old Les …

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Feb 25

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (25th Feb) – Sleeper

Woody Allen’s love of jazz is one of many things that made his seventies comedies so endearing. Sleeper, in particular, makes use of the style of music to get its message across, however silly. How many other films set in 2173 are there that have a score based around ragtime, trad jazz and swing?

None …

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Sep 17

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (17th Sep) – Manhattan

More Woody Allen from me this week. Manhattan was the artier, deeper, snobbier follow-up to his acclaimed Annie Hall, with a more complex plot but still one that revolved around a sexually-driven, neurotic New York screenwriter (played by Allen, again) and his relationship with a creative free-thinker (played by Diane Keaton, again). He just threw …

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Jun 18

Matt’s Film Soundtrack of the Week (18th June) – Love & Death

Death, dressed in white

Two of my favourite things come together in this movie; Romantic-era Russian music and Woody Allen. Love & Death is a seventies satire on 18th century czarist Russia, full of glaring anachronisms, Napoleonic assassination plots and ridiculous philosophical debates, all rich fields for Allen’s surreal comedy (as well as an abundance of sexual innuendo that rivals …

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Mar 04

While we’re on the subject…. is Midnight In Paris any good?

Owen Wilson with Corey Stoll as Hemingway and Kathy Bates as Gertrude Stein

I know the past week has somehow become Woody Allen week, but I finally managed to catch his recent Oscar-winning film Midnight In Paris and I thought I’d give a little review of it in the midsts of LMS’ celebration of the septuagenarian director.

Midnight In Paris won Allen his third Best Screenplay (the most of …

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Feb 28

What I think about the outcome of the 2012 Oscars

Billy Crystal struts his stuff at the 84th Academy Awards

So, the 84th Academy Awards are now behind us. The event, while spectacular in its execution, yeilded some rather unremarkable results that didn’t really surprise anyone.

Favourites The Artist and Hugo had 10 and 11 nominations respectfully, ultimately going home with 5 awards each. The Artist’s awards were undoubtedly better though, taking the holy trinity …

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